Ana Mandara Hue Beach Resort

An Hai Village, Thuan An Town, Phu Vang District - Xem trên bản đồ
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Từ 14:00 giờ
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Đến 12:00
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MastercardVisaJCBAmerican ExpressLapochine Beach Resort (formerly Ana Mandara Hue) chấp nhận các loại thẻ này và giữ quyền khóa một khoản tiền tạm thời trước khi bạn đến nhận phòng. Lapochine Beach Resort (formerly Ana Mandara Hue) chấp nhận các loại thẻ này và giữ quyền khóa một khoản tiền tạm thời trước khi bạn đến nhận phòng.
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Rất tốt
Từ 96 đánh giá
Xuất sắc
Rất tốt
Trung bình
Quá tệ
Hiển thị 1 - 5 của 96 tổng
23/07/2022 19:22

Nice-looking resort, spacious rooms,good breakfast.Highly overpriced in comparison with similar resorts in Vietnam, the surrounding area is very dirty

23/07/2022 19:22

Facilities are great - large rooms etc.The ‘resort’ has zero competition which means that everything is double the price of similar hotels. It is still reasonable when compared with international prices - but you have the feeling you were being had. $48 to the airport! Really! It is cheaper in London for the the same distance. It is the principle of the matter, the owners are milking the tourists which means although it was beautiful - we will not return.

23/07/2022 19:22
Old hotel with lovely staff

The staff are very friendly The rooms are huge and beautiful.The problem is that the hotel is getting old Need serious restoration The food is very hotel food without taste

23/07/2022 19:22

Friendly staff, nice beach. Management did let us return our Christmas dinner tickets after we had experienced the intended sound volume.We had experienced many years ago the Ana Mandara in Nah Trang, which was excellent. The Hue resort was disappointing. Breakfast was mediocre and closed at 10am sharp, early for a resort. On the first day neither waffles nor pancakes were available, a staple I would think. There was no automatic coffee machine as is now absolute stand in resorts, therefore no freshly ground coffee, no espresso or cappuccino. Water containing fruit or vegetables were labelled as "detox" to make up for the limited variety of fruit juices.... On the day of our arrival dinner was in a rather darkly lit room. Our table cloth had some red stains, but even after pointing out that we prefer fresh table cloth it was not changed. All linen were not ironed. The food was, considering how wonderful Vietnamese food is, disappointing. I am also not sure if a Christmas party has to be extremely noisy? After all it is not New Years eve. Does one need to start testing the sound equipment at 11 in the morning - at full blast? And the irony of playing "Silent Night" with the volume of a starting Jumbo Jet was lost on the organizers. The massage in the spa was a kind of soft-touch massage but not really up to the level expected of such a resort. Neither was the gym, which also, like many other parts of the resort, was not covered by wifi. The staff were kind but generally not very capable. Asked about local shopping for every day items we were told that one needs to go to Hue city center. Actually in walking distance normal conveniences are available. One cannot expect perfect English from everyone, but sat least one English speaking staff should be on duty in an international resort.

23/07/2022 19:22

.Food portions were small. You had to buy a few dishes to feel full.

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