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12/35 Chu Van An Phu Hoi - Xem trên bản đồ
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Nhận Phòng
12:30 - 00:00
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Đến 12:00
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Hút thuốc
Không cho phép hút thuốc.
Tiệc tùng
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Vị trí
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Rất tốt
Từ 91 đánh giá
Xuất sắc
Rất tốt
Trung bình
Quá tệ
Hiển thị 46 - 50 của 91 tổng
24/07/2022 02:23
It was the best hotel at our staying in Vietnam

From the first second it was a unique expirience to feel like at home when we entered Tam Homestay! Very friendly personal met us and invited to have welcome drinks. The environment inside was very stylish and cozy. When we entered our room we were so surprised of it. Very clean and comfortable, with small flowers around. It didn’t look like typish hotel room, it really had a soul with all of these bamboo furniture and small things. The location of the Homestay was great too, it is a town centre and we were walking by feet to the old palace. We advice this place to stay, it make your journey unforgettable!

24/07/2022 02:23

Great place to stay. Location is great, plenty of places to eat and only took about 15 or so minutes to walk to the imperial city. The room was very comfortable and quiet which was brilliant. One of the best sleeps i had in vietnam. The host and his wife and i assume the grandfather were all so lovely and very friendly. Gave us good suggestions on places to go and eat. They had a cold towel and tea waiting everytime you returned. Breakfast was tasty. Would stay here again if i am ever in Hue again.Nothing

24/07/2022 02:23
What a wonderful place

Everything, the family take care of us any moment of the day. Room is very well furnished, beautiful details and bed and bathroom really well maintened. This is the place where to stay in HUE.Nothing

24/07/2022 02:23
Best homestay in vietnam (maybe in the world)

Wow such a nice place with a absolutly nice owner!!! He was very helpful and give us tea, coffe for free. In our hole vietnam trip the best and heartful homestay :) We miss you already! Thank you so much for everything! I wish you all the best!Maybe you can improve a little bit your english

24/07/2022 02:23

If you want the most caring host in the world you should stay at Tam. I've never experienced warmer hosts than Tam and his wife. It feels simply like family.

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