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14:00 - 22:00
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06:00 - 12:00
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Cổng vào chỗ nghỉ sẽ đóng trong khoảng từ 22:30 - 06:00
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Giới hạn độ tuổi
Độ tuổi tối thiểu để nhận phòng là 18
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Khách cần giữa yên lặng từ 22:00 đến 06:00.
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Rất tốt
Từ 94 đánh giá
Xuất sắc
Rất tốt
Trung bình
Quá tệ
Hiển thị 41 - 45 của 94 tổng
23/07/2022 19:20

Good location because of peaceful and security ensurance. My stay is only in 1 night here but it seems not enough to make me impressive. Room is in good condition because this building is a new and go ahead to serve nearly a year.Although it’s new, management crew does not pay more attention in taking care even detail things in the room. My bed in that night was not comfortable because it was connected by 2 small beds to be a king bed as my reservation. So disappointed! I found my included breakfast on my confirmation letter but in the morning, I asked for it and the girl from Reception responded that I must ask her instead I must be informed from her upon my checkin. I must pay quite high price compared with the other places but the service I received which didn’t deserve. 4/10 points

23/07/2022 19:20

.All employees here are friendly and helpful, but a receptionist Oanh. She was unprofessional and bossy ,We got a bad reception from her. She didn't show us the room or tell us anything about the hostel. Some problems happened with the TV, She lied to us that it would work normally after we turned it on. However, it was not after turning it on 2 hours. When we came back to hostel, she had finished her shift. Luckily, another receptionist, Hao, was very nice to help us. We were greatful to Hao for her helping. My girlfriend and I are tour guides, we have travelled a lot . We have never ever seen anyone who works as a receptionist like Ms Oanh..., unprofessional!!! To be honest, the hostel is very nice clean and modern, It is quite far away the center. If you have a bike, it will be not a problem. It was worth the price! P/s: the building nearby, was under construction, so Noisy 😁

23/07/2022 19:20
Staffs need advanced training . Owner does make advertisements be real !!

--- Small breakfast without coffee , unless be paid . --- Only one staff is good , the others are ready to argue with you . --- Bed sheets n pillows are clean , and be changed after 2 days on demand .Fake Advertisements : ( attachments ) *** Mini Refrigerator for my Big-Bed room haven't been supplied . We need to buy cold water for 12k/bottle downstairs . *** Hot water is too weak to wait 10min to start bathing *** 30m2 room = 17m2 room ? *** 2% Plus fee for using VISA or MASTER card ?!! Not any businesses in HUE or else applied this rule !

23/07/2022 19:20
Mozzies and Location

Big spacious rooms! Clean and comfy beds. Free Washing machine.Mozzies! I got bitten in the room. Ants in the room.

23/07/2022 19:20
Ants everywhere

We liked the location, quiet but still in walking distance from several restaurants.Like a precious review on a room on the 4th floor, our room was also full of ants as well. Not only on the floor and walls, they also walked on the bed. Not comfortable at all.. When I told this the girl at the reception, replying to her question of how our stay was, she did not care but asked to write a review instead. Here you are.

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