Bà Nà Hill
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  • Min Age: 3

Ba Na Hill 1-day tour departs from Da Nang of Da Nang City with a full and attractive schedule and guaranteed service quality and convenience. We promise to bring you memorable experiences with the most satisfaction. More importantly, Ba Na tour price is always the cheapest promotion. Quickly book a tour to discover "the fairyland" in the middle of the world. Ba Na Hills tourist area is certainly no longer a strange name for travel enthusiasts. It is a place that everyone wants to visit at least once in their life. That's why it seems that most tourists traveling to Da Nang choose to take a 1-day Ba Na Hills tour to be able to admire and discover the "firsts" of this paradise. Ba Na Hills tour departing daily will give you many experiences, which are:Enjoy the majestic mountain scenery of Ba Na from above by cable car that has achieved 4 world records and enjoy the special climate of 4 seasons in 1 year. Admire the magnificent scenery of European-style buildings in the ancient French village. You will feel like you are traveling in the West. Enjoy the breathtaking scenery on the Golden Bridge - one of the most impressive pedestrian bridges in the world, which has been praised by many newspapers and made many domestic and international tourists "strange". Experience countless exciting and new games at the world-class indoor amusement park Fantasy Park.


Tourist car and HDV will pick you up at the meeting places such as: Hotel, airport, train station, bus station, private house address in the inner city of Da Nang according to the time announced in advance to depart for the tour. Na Hills 1 day.

The car takes the group to Ba Na Hills gate, while waiting for the guide to do quick procedures for everyone to board the cable car. You will have a free time of 15 minutes to admire and take pictures with the scenery as well as watch the beautiful water orchestra.

HDV will take you to the top of Ba Na Hills by private path and get "PRIORITY TO WIN - NO LINE-UP" (this is only available in Da Nang City Tour) to get on the Cable Car to reach 2 Guinness World Records. gender.

Stepping to the top of Ba Na Hills, you will admire the most famous Golden Hand Bridge in the world. Here, you are free to walk, take photos and check-in on the Golden Bridge supported by giant mossy hands in the middle of majestic mountains.

Leaving the Golden Bridge, you move through the nearby area to be free to explore Le Jardin D'Amour Flower Garden with thousands of meticulously cared for flowers. One thing is sure to fascinate romantic souls when participating in this Ba Na Hill 1 Day Tour.

An attractive place for men is the Debay Wine Cellar. This place displays hundreds of rare wines with the production process following the French architecture. At the end of the cellar is a display area and a small bar for you to enjoy or buy.

You will be able to try yourself with the Mountain Climbing Train with a wonderful feeling, like an adventure in a game in the middle of a deserted forest. By this train, you can go through some outstanding destinations in Ba Na without having to "walk" tired feet.

HDV will take the group to visit Linh Ung Pagoda on the top of Nui Chua. Here you can admire the majestic statue of Shakyamuni Buddha. With a height of 27m, it is located at the highest position in Southeast Asia and is covered with a magical mist. Stop by to pray for a little peace, good luck in life and look at the pure scenery around, you will feel extremely peaceful.

Right after Linh Ung Pagoda, tour guide will take the group to visit Deer Garden, Quan Am. You will move to DeBay Station to continue on the 2nd Cable Car line.

Guests will enjoy a 5-star buffet in the 1-day Ba Na Hills Tour. A menu of 120 dishes with a variety of 3-regional cuisines mixed with Asian and European dishes helps you always feel delicious.

After eating and resting, the tour guide will take you to the Fantasy Park amusement complex. With more than 200 diverse Free games to help all customers have a comfortable spirit, discharge the street as well as forget daily fatigue and anxiety (Very suitable for families with many children)

You visit the French Village, free to admire the filming scene and take souvenir photos with the spatial landscape, the architecture makes people think they are living in the French capital. There are quite a lot of tourists across the country who choose Ba Na Hills resort to take wedding photos to save the most memorable moments in life.

You move back by the 3rd cable route with the length and height reaching 4 world records. Once again you have the opportunity to admire the scene of Ba Na Hills from above, at this time Ba Na hides in the afternoon sunlight, looks extremely magical.

The group "landed" at the gate of the resort, boarded the car and departed for Da Nang. On the way, the car can stop at Da Nang specialty selling point at Ba Na Hills gate for you to buy gifts (if needed).

The tour bus drops you off at the original pick-up point and ends the 1-day Ba Na Hills tour from Da Nang. Goodbye customers and see you on the next tour!!!



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